This page will be updated whenever I have a new book I’m looking to exchange or sell. For those who prefer to just buy them second hand – I’ve tried to keep the prices low, including £2 or £3 for postage costs, but if you see a book you’d like, but think is to high, email me. I’m also happy to do a simple book swap if there’s something we both like!



Vampire Diaries Book 1&2 (Good – read once) ~ £3

Breaking Dawn (Hardcover – Average) ~ £4.50

Butterfly Sting (Average) ~ £2.50

Princess Dairies Seventh Heaven (Average) ~ £3




Crossed Bones (Like New – Hardcover) ~ £6

Confessions of Katherine Howard (Like New – Hardcover) ~ £6

The Boleyn Inheritance (Very Good) ~ £4

The Constant Princess (Very Good) ~ £4

The Queen’s Fool (Good) ~ £3

The White Queen (Good) ~ £3





Going Dutch (Good) ~ £3.20

A Perfect Proposal (Large Paperback – Very Good) ~ £4

Highland Fling (Average) ~ £3

The Rose Revived (Very Good) ~ £3.50

Paradise Fields (Average) ~ £3

Life Skills (Average) ~ £3

Restoring Grace (Large Paperback – Average) ~ £3.50

Husband Material (Average) ~ £3

Twenties Girl (Hardback – Like New) ~ £6

Me and Mr Darcy (Good) ~ £4

The Notebook (Like New – not this cover) ~ £3.50



The Pursuit of Love (Good) ~ £3.50

The Behaviour of Moths (Hardback – Like New) ~ £5

The Painted Veil (Very Good) ~ £3

The Piano Teacher (Like New – never read) ~ £4

The Return (Very Good) ~ £3

All books have been read at least once by me, a brief description of their condition is in brackets but if you want to know more just ask.

Prices include postage (will be slightly more for hardback books) – if you wish to swap for another book, just email me or leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to swap for and I’ll let you know if it’s something I’m interested in.

Due to postage costs, I want to limit this to people in the UK only I’m afraid!

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