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New Books

I’d for­got­ten the joy of walk­ing into a book­store and com­ing home with a hand­ful of lovely freshly printed books.

I’ve been good for a few months now and haven’t been buy­ing much, and when I have, it’s been on the Kin­dle. Great for that ‘must read now’ frenzy we all get every now and then (right?… its not just me), but it really doesn’t com­pare to the real deal.


They’re so pretty…


June YA Releases

There are two books in June YA releases that I’m really excited about: Eliz­a­beth Wein’s new novel, Rose Under Fire, a com­pan­ion to the AMAZING Code Name Ver­ity and the final book in the Spir­it­walker tril­ogy, Cold Steel. On top of that, there’s lots of new authors I can’t wait to try as well. Enjoy!

Con­tinue read­ing

Top 10 Book Releases of 2013

Like most book blog­gers and read­ers, I already have a long list of books I can­not wait to be released, and I haven’t really started check­ing out debut authors or new-to-me authors yet.

In no par­tic­u­lar order, here are 10 books in 2013 that are already on my pre-order list:

I’m also really excited about a fel­low Fal­mouth student’s first children’s book which comes out early next year, Sid­ney, Stella and the Moon by Emma Ben­nett (soon to be Yarlett). Emma was in the year below me and she’s (unsur­pris­ingly) already got sev­eral big com­mis­sions com­ing up.

 Happy New Year everyone!

Top Ten of 2012 is hosted by Lisa from A Life Bound By Books, Jes­sica from Con­fes­sions of a Booka­holic, Jaime from Two Chicks on Books , Rachel from Fik­t­shun and Mindy from Mag­i­cal Urban Fan­tasy Reads.

Top 10 Reads of 2012

I had a lot of plans for this blog back in Jan­u­ary. I really wanted to read lots, review reg­u­larly and get more involved in the book blog­ging com­mu­nity. Sadly, I guess life got in the way and Turn the Page has become quite neglected, espe­cially since the sum­mer. There are a few rea­sons for this, my lap­top died and while I love my iPad, I sim­ply can­not stand try­ing to write and organ­ise blog posts on it, I took on a new job and an intern­ship, and I kind of lost the drive to read for sev­eral months. I cer­tainly lost the drive for review­ing. So — sorry to any­one who used to actu­ally semi-follow things around here, and a big sorry to any­one I promised a book review for and didn’t deliver.

That being said, I did have a pretty great read­ing year and have some amaz­ing books you need to read if you haven’t already.

So, here’s my list of Top 10 books Read in 2012.


Easy by Tam­mara Webber

I loved Easy. This is a self pub­lished novel but it is miles ahead of so many books I’ve read that have been tra­di­tion­ally pub­lished. Easy falls into the New Adult cat­e­gory and it was so good to read about pro­tag­o­nist closer to my own age.

If you’re look­ing for some hot moments, ten­sion and a healthy, respect­ful, romance than this is the book for you. Easy isn’t just a romance, how­ever, as it has a darker sto­ry­line and does include some well-written but unset­tling scenes of sex­ual assault. Don’t let that put you off as Web­ber bal­ances the two out nicely.

Con­tinue read­ing

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